Hey...the names Jarrod. I'm a 23 year old student and menswear fashion marketing assistant in good 'ole Austin, Texas. I blog about menswear, style, food, graphic design, typography and my two cats, Cholula and Santosha. I also post regularly in 'My Awkward Tribulations' journal series about coming out as a new gay man. Hope you enjoy. Check out my Instagram at jarrodsalaiz

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Random Facts Sent Out Into the Unknown

Name: Jarrod

Age: 22

Location: Austin, TX

Hometown: Edinburg, TX

Random Facts:

- My extreme love for cheese will always trump my desire to go vegan

- I’m colorblind…thus my favorite color is blue because it’s one of the only ones I can easily see.

- My name is pronounced like (Jair-red)

- I like watching commercials… advertising and marketing interest me

- I never use the word “love”…when I’m sober

- I like smashing up tortilla chips and eating them like cereal (substituting milk for salsa)

- I want “Say Yes” by Elliott Smith to play when I propose someday

- I have two middle names

- I hate picky eaters…but I can’t stand seafood

- I’m waaay too nice…and sometimes way too much of an asshole

- I drink my morning coffee from a straw every other morning to avoid getting stained teeth

- I tell people I hate sad movies… I really just don’t like watching them with other people around.

- I hate baking, but do it often just because I enjoy the end product…eating cookies!!

- I sometimes drink alone in my kitchen with music blaring, dancing with my cats when my roommates aren’t home. (sad, I know)

- I like controlled chaos…sometimes

- I have an allergy to wheat, but only if I sweat within 3 hours after eating it…I can go into anaphylactic shock.