Hey...the names Jarrod. I'm a 23 year old student and menswear fashion marketing assistant in good 'ole Austin, Texas. I blog about menswear, style, food, graphic design, typography and my two cats, Cholula and Santosha. I also post regularly in 'My Awkward Tribulations' journal series about coming out as a new gay man. Hope you enjoy. Check out my Instagram at jarrodsalaiz

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Director Evan Silver//Tool of North America

Khaki-A-Go-Go, GAP Advertisement…ahh…you gotta love the 1990’s and their campy advertisements!

Starbucks “Love” Holiday Project 2009 Campaign

How I almost always feel as I walk through a club or bar in Austin…my expectations vastly outway my actual level of suave. Gotta love Matt & Kim.

Another great commercial…Gotta love Matt & Kim!

I HAVE AN OBSESSION WITH COMMERCIALS!…this is just one that I’ve always liked…remember the days when Old Navy didn’t have boring mannequins or cheesy music videos?